How to Be an Advocate 101

An Introductory Training Course to Self-Advocacy

You Can Advocate!

You may be expecting that government happens behind closed doors, in dimly-lit steakhouses, in rooms clouded with cigar smoke, and only changed by wealthy lobbyists with "dark money." 

But you may be surprised at how open and accessible your government can be with the right tools. 

Many local and state legislative and regulatory bodies have public meetings and publish meeting minutes, lobbying records are public information and your legislator may have an open-door policy. 

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Why This Training?

This training is not to transform you into a lobbyist or government relation guru, but we want you to walk away from this course with the fundamental skills, knowledge, and techniques to take the issue that you found in your community or industry and learn to frame it into conversations that are directed at policy change.

We want to teach you how to turn concern into change.


While our firm and many other professionals will still be around to advocate with you, lobby on your behalf, and assist you with crafting actual legislative solutions - the ability to form partnerships and have policy-centered conversations are on the shoulders of the advocate. 

This course aims to enable you to confidently navigate policy-centered conversations, frame your problem into policy, and advocate better at the local level to make lasting change. 

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What You Will Learn?

  • Government Relations 101

  • How to Meet & Connect with Elected Officials?

  • How to Network like a Policy Pro?

  • Becoming a Meeting Master: What to Ask & Bring?

  • Discovering Your Plane-of-Influence

  • Whos Who?: Elected Officials and Their Staff

  • The 4-Ps of Advocating: Where am I?

  • Do I need a lobbyist?

  • and more including training, workbooks & guides

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