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State & Local Government

Government Affairs

Turning Your Passion for People into Campaign Policies

Applying years of experience in government relations and campaigns to help candidates find the best management and policy solutions for local, state, and federal elections. Whether an experienced politician or a poltical newcomer, we work with you to find your image in politics; helping you properly transition from private citizen, activist, or business leader to public official. Our team provides vetting, position research, campaign decision metrics, and budget support.

Data Analysis 

What is a campaign without data? This is not a pollster service or door-to-door knocking advice. But we would rather offer you advice based on the data you are not receiving from your teams. We compare trends and feedback to advise your campaign strategically. We help you follow the numbers, not simply collect them. 

  • Research and Reporting

  • City/District/State Analysis

  • Database Management

Policy & Platform Creation 

We draft comprehensive and sound policy platforms and proposals for candidates in local, state, and federal elections. We do the behind-the-scenes work to your legislative agenda. Whether urban or rural, we understand the issues and bring years of experience in both government and the private sector to your campaign. We can support and strengthen your proposals or build a unique set of policies tailored to you, your constituents, and your political leanings 

  • Creation of policy white papers, in a press-ready and website-ready format

  • Production of Endorsement Policy Kits

  • Policy Kits and Press Release

Budget Evaluation

We use Best Management Practices (BMPs) and proven methodology to hone your campaign expenditures. Our goal is to provide you with the assurance and awareness of every dollar raised and spent. In addition to managing your cash-on-hand, we provide analysis on how you can best use campaign resources to drive tangible benefits at the polls. This information is state-specific, jurisdiction-specific, and district-specific, meaning we can aid you in any race, from federal to local, in pinpointing a budget designed for your specific race. 

Advisory & Management 

Our assortment of campaign management services positions you to lead in the polls, interject your message concisely in the media, prove electability and garner endorsements and donations. Let us help you see the bigger picture for your campaign. We will support your overall goals, set objectives for your team, either lead the campaign or assist your campaign manager in vital decision making, provide advice and support in securing endorsements and aid in damage control and “political polish.” 

  • Image Advising & Political Strategy

  • Speech Writing and Debate Preparation

  • General Campaign Advising

  • Social Media Management

  • Endorsements

  • Fundraising Disclosure & Reporting Services 

Opposition Research 

Being prepared for what your opponent might say in a debate is half of the battle. What is the other half? Being prepared with what they already said. We provide in-depth opposition research to allow you to properly vet your opponent(s) and better aim counters and media buys during a campaign cycle. We are armed with experienced team members who have vetted candidates at the highest levels of government, from gubernatorial candidates to Presidential nominees on the United States Senate Standing Committees.